Month: January 2014

My 2008 Honda Element SC


My second Honda Element SC, had a 2007 for 5 years and traded it for a a 2011Jeep Wrangler Rubicon thinking I needed more off road capability. Love my jeep but missed my Element so I went out shopping to replace it and found this used 2008 SC. Great for cycling, kayaking…..any out doors really. I still have the Jeep but when I do drive I take my Element. Why Honda kept the Ridgeline but discontinued the Element is beyond me. A lot of my friends drive them and love them. Not the most sexy car but definitely the most practical.

Climbing Gym On Business Travel


Found a climbing gym that was next to my hotel in Dallas so I packed my gear. Only ended up doing this one day of a 5 day visit but happy to mix it up. Been a few years since I’ve climbed. My finger strength was horrible to say least. Had great time but very humbled so you can bet I will be correcting this weakness.

Starting the New Year off right


Found this Johnnie Walker gift set over the holidays. Price was right so I picked it mainly due to the Platinum and Blue. I must say I’m not a huge blended Scotch fan but I do enjoy it. First time I’ve ever had the Blue and it’s good and very distinctive but not worth the money IMO. I have my favorites that I will discuss here from time to time. Cheers to you and your endeavors : )

V02MAX. Baseline


Based on 2000m times posted in previous post my estimated V02MAX is 46.65 @ age 42 is considered excellent for my age. Guess I should be happy with that but feel I can improve upon this. Better technique / form may yield better times. My avg. HR for this effort was 176bpm for 7.55min but hit 182bpm for last 500m @ 2.01min. So no slacking here. My target VO2 is 52 between now and June. Not prepared to give up all my guilty pleasures but will cut back.