Month: March 2014

Tres Generaciones Reposado


Not a Scotch but an awesome Tequila worth a mention. I should have a Whiskey, Whisky and Spirit category. I thought this picture turned out rather cool and wanted to share. I drink this neat and sip on 2oz in a small 4oz snifter.

This brand of tequila is top notch and has reasonable price costing $35-39. Brand wise this my favorite, I do like Jose Cuervo’s Reserva de la Familia line as well that I mentioned on my blog but not any of the other products they offer. Word on the street is to give Sparkle Donkey a try which I believe has a price point of only $22 depending on where you live. It’s not offered where I live : ( I’ve never had it but I respect those that have and a great value vs quality / taste.

I don’t go much into nosing or taste notes as this is unique from person to person so I don’t really bother. Instead I look at overall taste and quality vs price point and only really post stuff that I’d drink neat or maybe a single cube.

New Touring Component Bling


Front & Rear Sun Tour Derailleurs in bling finish. Went with braze on front and rear a long cage to wrap a 34T rear cog on my Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe. These components from Sun Tour look amazing in person.
Bike build is almost completed. Will be finished this week. Can’t wait!

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon


Not a Scotch but I do stray from time to time. When it comes to Bourbon category this is my favorite. Price is $37 where I live and at that price can’t really do much better. Yeah lots if choices out there but once you start digging into the products nosing / tasting etc. things become more clear. This is bottled from single barrel at 50% ALC/VOL (100 proof ) and most excellent. Drink neat or with 1″or 2″ sq ice cube. This particular product should not be mixed as a cocktail IMO but by all means do what works for you.

Schmidt Edelux II Polished Dyno Light


For my tour bike buildup I decided to go with a dyno hub to power my light. This light is super bright LED version. My hub is a SONDelux Wide Body. Wheels need to be re-laced due to shop laced up to wrong wheel size… Ugh! Great shop though and just an oversight. No more batteries or charging. Speaking of charging the hub can also recharge my Garmin and iPhone. More pics to follow.

Newton Sir Issac Trainer Shoe Neutral


Beginner trainers for forefoot running. Purchased these new for only $42 and retail new for $149. I’m guessing last years model by the color availability. Looks to still have many popular sizes in stock and free shipping too. Always wanted to try these but never wanted to spend the MSRP money. I wear a neutral for the most part or stability depending on brand. If I decide not to like they will make for a great jump rope shoe.

Married 20 Years!


I’m so fortunate in so many ways. Main one being my wife of 20 years tolerates all my shenanigans and still stays with me. We celebrated this weekend at Fogo de Chão in Baltimore. I try not to get too personal on blogs but 20 years married w/ two awesome grown children and it’s all due to her super mom / wife strength and resolve . We consumed this desert while sipping a tumbler of Leblon Cachaça which is a Brazilian spirit. Leblon Cachaça (pronounced ka-SHA-sa) tastes like a Scotch & Tequila blend of sorts.

Talisker Storm Scotch Whisky


Single Malt Scotch from Isle Of Skye Scotland. In short it’s a really good single malt w/ smoke peat notes @ 45% alcohol / 90 Proof. I cut my dram with 3-4 teaspoons chilled filtered water. Price point being mid $60 for half the price can get Johnnie Walker Double Black for around $35. Talisker is tad better in deed but for twice the cost just stick with the JW Double Black.