Now that is a lock


I purchased this bike lock to double as a anchor for my kayak (just kidding) but it would work I’m sure. I wanted a really good lock but it wasn’t until I saw this thing in person that I was amazed. I used chapstick as a reference for visual comparison.



  1. I saw one of these the other day and was equally amazed. All of the kryptonite locks are excellent, but this one is a beast. Kind of pricey but you get what you pay for.

    All the best,
    Brett Day

    1. Yeah, expensive novelty mostly. Wheels and parts usuallty cost more the frame these days. Perhaps a deterrent at best? I purchased mine off Amazon last year for like $89 with free shipping. I read it was 18mm hardened maximum performance steel and had to cut through both sides of the U to compromise it. I figured it was worth that much just in metal or at least to imagine a typical thief face considering on tackling that chore ….hahaha.

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