My Simtra ST1 Trials Bike


My 3rd Trials Bike and it took 3 to tweak what it was I wanted in a trials bike. I never cared for the high Bottom bracket style bikes that I had or tried so this fit the bill. I was never very hardcore into trials but did my fair share of riding which made me a better MTB rider. I got into this mostly to build confidence and balance on the more sketchy obstacles. I switch up my rides and riding across full spectrum to keep it fresh and exciting. I also will play on this when I don’t have a lot of time to stray far from the house. Great exercise too BTW. I wear a heart rate monitor most of the time and can assure you this is a great work out. Same as a 1Hr. MTB or road bike ride. Not kidding and I tend to push myself pretty good too when on the mtb or road bike. Heart rate don’t lie


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