Truvativ Stylo Crankset


This is been my 3rd Truvativ Stylo Crankset on this bike since 2009 when I switched over from another brand. Granted I’ve paid only $99 – $109 for these at PricePoint and they come with a external BB and integrated bashguard. Seems worth it for the price until it leaves you walking out of the woods 8 or even more miles in.

Two of the three cranks I’ve owned of this brand sheared off the aluminum crank bolt on the non-drive side. I thought maybe it was a fluke and had gotten roughly 1000 miles out this crank. Being a Single Speed figured maybe it was fatigue from cranking up hills out of saddle and took its toll with repreated stress and stretched it and therfore snaps. My gear ratio on my 29er is 32T x 19T so it’s well within reason I’d think and shouldn’t shorten the life span. Being a single speed its normal IMO to find yourself out of the saddle cranking up steep hills with all your might. Its that or walk up and we all know walking is unacceptable : ) At least with a broken crank have an excuse to walk…haha.

A crank breaking is a similar experience to having a chain snap on the power stroke….not pleasant I assure you. At least with a chain snap your foot stays on the pedals most of the time, when a crank breaks will likely wreck with the crank arm still attached to your foot. 1st crank I wore out the chain ring and BB bearing was also worn so it was cheaper to just buy another crank. 2nd crank I sheared off the crank bolt at the spindle and 3rd crank I again sheared off the bolt in same place. I carry spare tubes, patch kit and chain power links but not self extracting cranks bolts. Being a Single Speed there is very little to go wrong, so when when my crank breaks I get a little grumpy when I’m stranded and need to walk out with my bike. Point being is even with a spare crank bolt I no longer really trust the Truvativ Stylo brand Crankset. I have since switch to a Middleburn RS8 X-TYPE UNO Cranks and Ring set up.


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