Tres Generaciones Reposado


Not a Scotch but an awesome Tequila worth a mention. I should have a Whiskey, Whisky and Spirit category. I thought this picture turned out rather cool and wanted to share. I drink this neat and sip on 2oz in a small 4oz snifter.

This brand of tequila is top notch and has reasonable price costing $35-39. Brand wise this my favorite, I do like Jose Cuervo’s Reserva de la Familia line as well that I mentioned on my blog but not any of the other products they offer. Word on the street is to give Sparkle Donkey a try which I believe has a price point of only $22 depending on where you live. It’s not offered where I live : ( I’ve never had it but I respect those that have and a great value vs quality / taste.

I don’t go much into nosing or taste notes as this is unique from person to person so I don’t really bother. Instead I look at overall taste and quality vs price point and only really post stuff that I’d drink neat or maybe a single cube.


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