Month: April 2014

Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal


A single village in Oaxacan southern Mexico with 6000 feet elevation produces this joven mezcal which is 100% espadin agave. Product is produced in extremely small quantities using traditional methods. Bottled at 46ABV (92 Proof) and costs around $72- $79 and comes packaged in a hand-woven straw basket.

The hearts of the agave are roasted over hot stones in a pit in the ground for three to five days while covered in earth, ground to a mash using horse-powered stone mills, and then naturally fermented in wooden vats. The spirit is then created using two slow distillations in wood-fired clay or copper pot stills. The result is unlike any spirit you have experienced before. Very complex, each bottle is a unique signature.

In Scotch terms, you can think of this mezcal as possessing the flavors of Islay (peat & smoke). A great sipper, recommended neat so do not mix with anything. If you want to mix then try it with Fresca original soda. 4 to 1 ratio. 4oz Fresca 1oz Mezcal.

Very different from tequila and rather smokey in comparison . Mezcal is to tequila as rye is to bourbon. So think smokey spicy. Check out Ralfy review using below hyper link.
Ralfy’s Whisky / Spirits Review rated it a 93 and Wine Enthusiast rated it 94 points .

Brooklyn Machine Works Pedals


BMW Vegi Burgers ….Sharpened to shred Vans or ES shoes . These are my trials platform pedals. Sharp as shit, in your shin no slip forgiveness . Pedal perk is that these bad boys double as a bottle opener : ) Beer numbs the pain of consecutive pedal kick slips. Use harder stuff to disinfect open wounds. Ride on and be safe, drink responsible and make good choices … Cheers.

Laphroaig 2013 Cairdeas Release


Cairdeas is the Port Wood Edition @ 51% ABV. (102.6 Proof) My cost was$80. This is a special release with no age statement and apparently difficult to find. Today I picked up two bottles leaving roughly 4-5 more remaining on shelf. I was tempted to just buy them all but bank account and wife disagreed : ( Perhaps one more bottle next pay if they are still there?

Islay single malts are among my favorite and so are port finishes so the two combined was a no brainer. So excited to have found it, couldn’t wait to taste it and unwind to an evening dram with feet up listening to my favorite music and some light reading.

No surprised that this product lived up to my expectations. Being Laphroaig expected more peat / smoke but to my surprise rather subtle compared to other Laphroaigs Arbeg and Kilchoman which are also from Islay. Complexity of this edition is definitely there. Glad I was able to get the two that I did while supplies last.

My Big Balls. (Ice Sphere Molds)


Made by Tovolo, plastic and silicon. $10 for two molds. Functional novelty of sorts for those who like ice in their drinks. If ice is your thing may as well go big to get chilled with minimal melt for duration of consumption. I picked these up mainly for my Gin where I do like it chilled at times. Or on a hot summer day using a mid grade tequila will mix with Fresca original soda.

TAP RYE Canadian Whisky


A limited edition 8yo Port Finished Rye @ 42% abv. Not a lot of reviews on this brand with this finish. I see a lot of reviews for the 357 Maple which I haven’t tried yet. I drink it neat (no ice or water) in a glencarin glass or tumbler.

I want to say cost was around $26 for both types, port may be tad more. I can tell you that I would purchase again. Fantastic taste but as with most ryes not much of a nose compared to other Whisky / Spirits. I really enjoy this rye, for me this could easily be my go to rye. I actually like this product more than both the Angels Envy Rye and WhistlePig. I can get two of TAP port rye 750ml for the price of one of the others mentioned in this post. Even if others are tad better it’s marginal and not double the price better.

Key thing to remember is I’m a sucker for port finishes so when I saw it had to buy it and glad I did. Angel’s Envy Rye is finished in Caribbean cask and is very good. Point being I prefer the port finish but others may not. So if you like Rye and port finished will not be disappointed.

Liquid Protein Supplements


I do drink stuff other than Whisky…haha. ISOPURE, New Protein and Pure Protein are part of my daily exercise diet. Most of the meat I consume is fish and usually limited to wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Sardines/Herring and egg whites. Occasionally chicken 2-3 times a month but rarely ever red meat. I will supplement creatine on occasion when going light on meat.

ISOPURE 40g, New Protein 42 and Pure Protein 35g are all very good and IMO better than the powders for many reasons. All are roughly $35-$40 for 12 servings but cost isn’t really that bad when compared to most meat. All drinks have zero sugars / carbs etc…

The ISOPURE are glass bottles others are plastic. All products are offered in various flavors. I buy several of each so I can switch it up depending on mood. High quality whey doesn’t have to be thick and creamy or milk like which is nice and is easier to drink warm if it should come to that.

Whisky Advocate Spring Edition


Happy to receive this Springs 20th annual awards edition . I’ll be attending WhiskyFest in New York this year and super stoked. Perhaps hit Rays Town, PA on my way to and from for some epic Mountain Biking. Remainder of this evening will be reading this edition while sipping on a dram of Whisky. Cheers!

No.3 London Dry Gin


I’ve had all the common Gins on the market and decided to give this a try when I found as I heard nothing but great things about this spirit. No.3 has become my favorite Gin to drink straightand is most awesome in a Martini and the many other cocktails where Gin is used.

No.3 Gin is very traditional London dry Gin with steep price of $43 where I live. Although my favorite straight there are lots of other good dry Gins for much less money. I drink Tanqueray Ten as my go to Gin with price point of about $32 which is fantastic. Beefeater and Bombay even less.

With Gin I usually only drink with diet tonic so just about any gin works for that just fine. I’ll keep the No3 as a neat exclusive sipper or occasional Martini and Tanqueray Ten as my go to Gin for mixing beyond the Martini.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon


What can I say, best bourbon for the price. I doubt anybody will argue this if they have consumed it. Pretty common go to bourbon with price point of of only $23. 750 ml bottles sell out quick if you can’t find it just get the huge 1.75l bottle which is only $44. Product is good enough to drink straight and inexpensive enough to mix. If you haven’t heard of Buffalo Trace do yourself a favor and give it a try. Also Buffalo Trace distillery is well known for it’s many products all of which are very high end.

Pyrat Rum XO Reserve


Best rum ever for the price. Better than most rums regardless of price. MSRP is between $25-$30. Lowest price I’ve seen in 5 years is this week. I picked up a bottle for $22 on sale At my local liquor store. I should if purchased them all. This is like my 10th bottle in five years. Absolutely delicious neat … No water or ice needed. Don’t mix this spirit. If you wish to mix just buy Bacardi Premium. Pyrat is imported by Patron Spirits. Nobody I know has had this and didn’t love it! Cheers to warmer weather and good health.