My Foundry Riveter B1


I’ve logged about 300 miles on this whip thus far. All carbon road race geometry w/Avid BB7 disc brakes. I’ve always preferred BB7’s disc over hydraulics disc.. No muss no fuss maintenance. Bike is outfitted with SRAM Red groupo. I’ve since replaced the OEM wheels with lighter stans iron cross rims and lighter aero spokes and Chris King R45’s. Hubs. Front fork is whiskey 15mm thru axle. Bike is light and weighs in at 16Lbs.

One negative is the short rear chain stays and since they are 135mm ISO disc my heal has been known to strike the rear chain stay which is most annoying. Pedals are speed plays so it could be the forgiving side to side movement that causes me to kiss the rear stay from time to time.

I very much like this bike a lot but I’m not dialed into it yet. My Cervelo S5 becomes part of me when riding but also have over 9000 miles on that ride since 2012. This Foundry Riveter B1 would make for a fantastic crit racer.



    1. Congrats on the Scott Adict. Yeah ..I picked up this bike to scratch an itch. I named her Goldilocks. I wanted something aggressive and lighter weight with characteristics of both my Cervelo S5 and my Salsa Warbird. On the Foundry I run 25c conti tires but has clearance for 28c. My Cervelo I have to run small 23c as anything bigger rubs and is not the best bike for gravel roads where debris can get sucked up and grind. To be honest if I had to do it all over again and could afford it would prefer the Cervelo R5. Key word bring afford. Foundry is a great value for what you get IMO.

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