WhistlePig Rye Whiskey


WhistlePig is 100% Rye Whiskey from Canada and altered in Vermont by WhislePig. I’ll spare you the controversy distillery vs bottled and distributed lecture. This is becoming more common these days as boutique products rely on the major distilleries for volume. I’m still learning about all of this. Lots of cask switching and maturing practice taking place before bottling.

This particular WhistlePig product has been age aged 10 years and is 50% abv. (100 Proof). Product is very very good IMO. Price is consistent at $70 and expensive for a Rye. Canadian 100% Rye product such Alberta Premium for example are simply not offered in Maryland where I reside. Perhaps Washington DC it is but need to inquire.

WhistlePig is fantastic indeed but there are close options for half the price if interested but will have to sacrifice age and or % of Rye. I’ll mention these in upcoming weeks as I sample them. The spirits I mention in my blog are worth trying and will not disappoint. I also try to share what other products should be considered for lesser money. Another good Rye would be Templeton that costs $38. And is 90% Rye and remainder barley. Similar to Filibuster made right here local to me. I believe is. 95% and 5% barley? (need to confirm) and still need to purchase a bottle. Bulleit is another more mainstream as straight ryes go also a 95% Rye 5% Barley that is very reasonably priced.

Rye taste it’s unique and I really dig it and look forward to trying other brands.


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