Liquid Protein Supplements


I do drink stuff other than Whisky…haha. ISOPURE, New Protein and Pure Protein are part of my daily exercise diet. Most of the meat I consume is fish and usually limited to wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Sardines/Herring and egg whites. Occasionally chicken 2-3 times a month but rarely ever red meat. I will supplement creatine on occasion when going light on meat.

ISOPURE 40g, New Protein 42 and Pure Protein 35g are all very good and IMO better than the powders for many reasons. All are roughly $35-$40 for 12 servings but cost isn’t really that bad when compared to most meat. All drinks have zero sugars / carbs etc…

The ISOPURE are glass bottles others are plastic. All products are offered in various flavors. I buy several of each so I can switch it up depending on mood. High quality whey doesn’t have to be thick and creamy or milk like which is nice and is easier to drink warm if it should come to that.


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