Laphroaig 2013 Cairdeas Release


Cairdeas is the Port Wood Edition @ 51% ABV. (102.6 Proof) My cost was$80. This is a special release with no age statement and apparently difficult to find. Today I picked up two bottles leaving roughly 4-5 more remaining on shelf. I was tempted to just buy them all but bank account and wife disagreed : ( Perhaps one more bottle next pay if they are still there?

Islay single malts are among my favorite and so are port finishes so the two combined was a no brainer. So excited to have found it, couldn’t wait to taste it and unwind to an evening dram with feet up listening to my favorite music and some light reading.

No surprised that this product lived up to my expectations. Being Laphroaig expected more peat / smoke but to my surprise rather subtle compared to other Laphroaigs Arbeg and Kilchoman which are also from Islay. Complexity of this edition is definitely there. Glad I was able to get the two that I did while supplies last.


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