TAP RYE Canadian Whisky


A limited edition 8yo Port Finished Rye @ 42% abv. Not a lot of reviews on this brand with this finish. I see a lot of reviews for the 357 Maple which I haven’t tried yet. I drink it neat (no ice or water) in a glencarin glass or tumbler.

I want to say cost was around $26 for both types, port may be tad more. I can tell you that I would purchase again. Fantastic taste but as with most ryes not much of a nose compared to other Whisky / Spirits. I really enjoy this rye, for me this could easily be my go to rye. I actually like this product more than both the Angels Envy Rye and WhistlePig. I can get two of TAP port rye 750ml for the price of one of the others mentioned in this post. Even if others are tad better it’s marginal and not double the price better.

Key thing to remember is I’m a sucker for port finishes so when I saw it had to buy it and glad I did. Angel’s Envy Rye is finished in Caribbean cask and is very good. Point being I prefer the port finish but others may not. So if you like Rye and port finished will not be disappointed.


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