Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal


A single village in Oaxacan southern Mexico with 6000 feet elevation produces this joven mezcal which is 100% espadin agave. Product is produced in extremely small quantities using traditional methods. Bottled at 46ABV (92 Proof) and costs around $72- $79 and comes packaged in a hand-woven straw basket.

The hearts of the agave are roasted over hot stones in a pit in the ground for three to five days while covered in earth, ground to a mash using horse-powered stone mills, and then naturally fermented in wooden vats. The spirit is then created using two slow distillations in wood-fired clay or copper pot stills. The result is unlike any spirit you have experienced before. Very complex, each bottle is a unique signature.

In Scotch terms, you can think of this mezcal as possessing the flavors of Islay (peat & smoke). A great sipper, recommended neat so do not mix with anything. If you want to mix then try it with Fresca original soda. 4 to 1 ratio. 4oz Fresca 1oz Mezcal.

Very different from tequila and rather smokey in comparison . Mezcal is to tequila as rye is to bourbon. So think smokey spicy. Check out Ralfy review using below hyper link.
Ralfy’s Whisky / Spirits Review rated it a 93 and Wine Enthusiast rated it 94 points .


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