HIBIKI 12 Whisky


In honor of my Japanese Nitto bike racks arriving I popped the cork on my HIBIKI 12 whisky distilled and bottled in Japan by Suntory. This is a 12 YO blended malt whisky with 43% ABV. matured in plum liqueur casks.

Bottle in its self is a thing if beauty. 24 Facets representing both hours in a day and seasons according to lunar calendar. This product wasn’t the easiest to locate and is available in limited supply. Most places only get a couple bottles if lucky enough to get it in the first place. Price runs $64-$69.

HIBIKI 12 is very good and has won ton of awards in 2013 alone. Grain taste is noticeable in this blend but not in a bad way, just different. It’s worth the. $64 I paid and will enjoy it in my rotation.

A toast to good health and safe adventures.


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