Nitto Bike Racks Arrived : )


Ordered front and rear Nitto racks for my Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe In native color of “polish bling”. Both front and rear I purchased online from Rivendell Bicycle Works. Front and rear racks were out of stock when I went shopping so I waited patiently for some time for them to arrive. Received email notification that they where back in stock last week and pulled the trigger on the below.

Qty. 1 Nitto Big Front 34F
Qty. 1 Nitto Big Back Rack Large 33R

Nitto custom makes these racks for Rivendell. Nitto racks are beautiful, hand made in Tokyo Japan. Racks are chromoly with nickel plating. These ultimate touring puppies cost me $200ea. (free shipping) and well worth it IMO.

Touring pannier bags are on their way as well. I plan on mounting up these racks this weekend. Mounted pics to follow shortly. Wear sun glasses when looking at these in the sun.


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