Surly LHT Deluxe w/Nitto Racks


Installed my front and rear Nitto Racks on my Surly. It’s storming here so had to snap indoor pics but I’ll post better ones tomorrow maybe. I still need 2 more Nitto Rod bolts and spacers before I can call the racks done, those are on order.

Today I purchased online a rear light to mount on the rear rack. They too have been out of stock so had to wait for new shipment. Tomorrow I’ll be mounting the front dyno light and wire to SON hubs. Can’t wait to mount the pannier bags and head out for its first 3 day ride and camp.



    1. Thx MG, Bike handles really well. Surly LHT having a long wheel base and 26″ wheels helps with loaded handling / tracking. Even when unbalanced is forgiving and manageable. I do prefer to have the weight low. The handle bar bag is a heavy thick cowhide and heavy even when empty. Now that I have the racks not sure if I’ll leave. I’ll likely eventually swap it out for lighter bag with easy entry from cockpit. I like my leather and like the look of the bag but it’s way overkill and not very practical. Thanks for commenting and following my posts : )

  1. Son28 klassic?

    I’d say look at getting a berthoud front bag, but you’re rack is too far out. A front bag is very nice for grabbing things while riding.

    1. No hub is the SON Deluxe Wide Body 36 hole part number SCH263608.

      Yeah I’ll use a front bag but just not the thick leather one I have now. Leather is 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick hide and is overkill. Also I do wish the rack was tad bit closer to head tube. I guess head tube angle fork rake / wheel base is a tad much for this particular Nitto Rack style. My LHT frame is designed for 26″ wheels. I wanted Nitto but bracket etc wasn’t sure until I mounted it up how it all look. Worst case I can transfer racks to my 700c but really like this LHT so we’ll see ? Going on a 3 day bike ride in June to break her in and tweak as needed. Oh I have a Berthoud Saddle in black on my fixie that I love so I know that brand. I’ll look into their front bag. Thanks for the advice and posting / following my blog. You guys are inspiring so thanks for that.

      1. Have you thought about having a frame builder make you a custom rack? That head tube is huge, and it may be difficult finding something off the peg to fit…..just a thought. A dacaleur and a berthoud bag would look sweet!

      2. Yeah I thought of making my own in stainless. I have a metal shop / forge. Only reason I didn’t was by the time I purchased the materials and time to make it buying the Nitto was actually cheaper in the end unless I make a bunch and sell them. Yeah that LHT tube is insane. If the Nitto wasn’t nickel plated chromoly I’d move the mount tab and TIG it up. I’ll have to load it test out what I have but don’t like how far it sticks out. Worse case I use a different rack on front rack and use this Nitto on my a 700c bike where it fits better. What can I say ..always work in progress : ) thanks for helping me talk through this.

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