New Fixie Berthoud Gilles Saddle & Front Brake


Month or two back I replaced my Kagero Fixie San Marco Concor black suede saddle with a Berthoud Gilles black-ish / brown-ish cork pattern leather saddle. I wanted the Concor for my Salsa Warbird Ti gravel grinder to replace the OEM that it came with it. Whether it be a Brooks , San Marco Concor or a Berthoud my bikes and ass are happy.


I even picked up the Berthoud bar ends for my Cinelli horn handle bars to finish off the look. May have to zoom in to see them?

Also as you can see from the title and pic I decided to add a front brake for those “OH SHIT” moments where skidding alone doesn’t not help. I’m using a CX style brake short pull lever with Shimano Ultegra calipers. The B43 Velocity wheels are not machined lipped for rim brakes however rim being deep flat and anodized works and helps. I also run a special brake pad compound that aids in stopping (no squeal )




    1. Over the many years I have had my share of crappy bikes and or parts believe me. Crappy comes in many flavors though and can be difficult to identify depending on expectations. Some are crappy looking but awesome in function. Somethings look awesome but end up being crappy in function. Some thing seem cool at first but suck long term. I’ve had many high end expensive parts fail prematurely that are light weight many of which have a shelf life sorts and many mid range parts last forever but are heavy? Bike industry is brutal to say the least. I easily spent a half years salary on bike stuff over the past 8 years and also have extensive knowledge in metal / alloys and composite usage and manufacturing processes. Got to weed through the marketing BS. I’ll post today a blurb on this topic In hopes others find it useful when making decisions. I’d be curious to see other comments to my post. Thanks for commenting.

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