Busch & Muller Toplight and Crane Bell


My rear light came today for my rear Nitto rack : ) I decided to go non dynamo for the rear as I didn’t want to run cable to the rear from front dynamo hub.

Light is a Busch & Muller Toplight Linetec LED Line Senso and takes just 1 AA battery so it still minimal. I think they last about 38 hours. With senso that may vary?

I purchased bothfrom Harris Cyclery which had the Senso technology version. Rivendell carries them but were out of stock and didn’t offer the senso version. Light cost me $48.

Decided to also pick up a copper crane bell. I liked that tone better over the silver and bronze versions.

Also Thursday my front and rear Arkel Touring Panniers will be here. So I’ll
Be sure to post those as well.



  1. $48 for a battery operated light?!

    I use planet bike’s super flash. $15 on sale if you look around……won’t mount as clean as the b+m though….

    1. Yup, but this light is most awesome. I have other lights but now that I have racks wanted something that fit and looked clean and this light has way cool features. Ever since I saw one of these in action have been wanting one but waited.

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