Arkel Grand Tour GT series 54/18BP


My Arkel Grand Tourisme panniers arrived yesterday. So I test fit them and snapped a picture for a visual. Rear is a GT-54 and fronts are GT-18.

One of the GT-18’s transforms into a back pack. I can hold a ton if stuff with these. For smaller getaways can just use the GT-18’s. Also picked up set of the rain covers.

These bags are very well made, I plan on using these on my Eskimo 18.6′ touring kayak. GT-18’s will fit it the front and rear hatches and larger one on the ridged composite plank between outrigger poles. I’m getting ready for a week long Chesapeake Bay tour the second week in June. More on that later.



  1. I’ve heard Arkel makes nice stuff….but I have a pair of Jandd panniers which would allow everything to get soaked. Compare that with my Ortlieb classic rollers which can be used as a dry bag which I love. I also love the price I got my SET of FRONT and REAR Ortlieb panniers for – $130! I was incredibly lucky.

    1. I researched all options before deciding on Arkel. I may get the handle bag too?

      I have couple Ortlieb products and being a kayaker appreciate a good dry bag. I have an assortment of various gal sizes if Sealine dry bags and absolutely love the simplicity and function.

      $130 is a phenomenal deal you got, I’m not that lucky. I rarely ever get deal partially because of timing or being inpatient etc. I’m also picky with model, color & options. Once I have my mind set I rarely ever settle and that is a major curse and hurts the wallet. I’m trying to teach myself to be less O.C.D. Work in progress … wish me luck! Thanks for the comments and sharing your thoughts,opinions and experiences with me. It’s post and other blogs that helps with my researching of products. Much appreciated!

    1. Hey James… Oh I’m sure I shared it at some point. How did you stumble across it? Been a year today in fact. I try to post regularly but it’s a time thing. I have a ton of content to catch up on yet. Also want to link to your G&G blog.

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