My Expedition Kayak In Route


Bye Bye SeaArk and hello Eskimo. I’ll explain; so I finally sold my 2006 SeaArk 1660 Pro last weekend. Took a bit if a beating on price, which is to be expected with most used boat sales.

I only purchased the SeaArk so I could include my family on boating adventures which only happened three times total, two of which I feIt I forced and they all hated it every time. Funny thing is it was the wife that said “you should buy a vessel so we all could go out together” a husband dream come true right? That very comment was a free pass to purchase a boat big enough for us all but them hating it the boat just sat. The SeaArk was just too big for me alone so I would always just take out the Hobie kayak.

I still have my Hobie Adventure 16′ kayak that I can sail but have been eyeballing a newer high-end better sailing more potential and faster kayak. Buying a real sailboat is just not realistic given my family not being interested can’t justify the expense.

Thing is I was born and raised on an island from birth to age 18 before I moved away : ( so being on the water was a big part of my life and enjoy it a great deal.

With all above being said used the SeaArk money to help fund My Eskimo 18.6 Sea Kayak cost.

The Easy Rider Eskimo model I chose is made of Carbon Graphite / Kevlar composite weave. 18.6′ in length weighs only 48Lbs. Can carry 450lbs of gear.

Eskimo 18.6 can be regular kayak as well as a bay / ocean worthy sailing vessel. I purchased mine with 2 large air foil sails, 2 mahogany leader boards, 12′ outrigger for counter weight stability to include a weight bearing trampoline.

I’m touring the Chesapeake Bay this summer, easily a week long trip with beach camping etc. I know, I know… I’m crazy but very excited about this .

Below are couple more pics of my custom rig before being crated and shipped to local terminal.



I posted from my iPhone so please forgive writing grammar etc…


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