Surly LHT Deluxe Build Is Finally Done!


SON Schmidts Dynamo Edelux II mounted and functional. Light is way bad ass to say the least. Extremely pleased with dyno hub & dyno light choice. Mounted the Edelux II light using a pimp mount from


Wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to mount the front light. I didn’t want to mount upside down as I opted for the light senso feature which only allows for right side up mounting. When set light will come on when dusk that and reflective facet design is for right side up mounting. Upside down model doesn’t have the auto senso feature.


Rear light is mounted as well, I opted not to use dyno rear version which would of been cheaper but didn’t want to route a power cable splice off front hub. Rear light takes a single AA and can get 38-40hrs. (Due to auto senso) so figured a AA battery was better than needing a cable routed from front to rear.


    1. Thanks, took longer than I had hoped but is done now! So now I take a 50 test ride before my first 600k Brevet on this bike : ) I’m
      Building a kayak trailer as we speak ….woot!

    1. MG.. Thanks! Surely is awesome, I road ride a lot, every day in fact but no real long adventures yet but bike us dialed for such. Career, wife and two children throttles my sense of adventure not to mention all my other hobbies. I’ve been kayaking a lot lately (day trips mostly) sailing the Chesapeake Bay. Anyway as for the Surly LHT I absolutely love it. Not 100% sure I’m sold on down tube shifters… sure it’s old school and cool but not practical. Ive adapted to using them just not ideal otherwise I’m very pleased overall. I like that riding the Surly teaches me that going fast on a carbon fiber bike isn’t everything. When I ride my Surly it’s all about enjoying the entire trip with no pressure to push. I have tons of stuff to share as I’ve been quiet on here past few months and need to catch up. Career has been rather demanding : ( I’m taking two weeks off over the next 30 days so I look forward to longer adventures.

      1. Totally understand that about competing hobbies and responsibilities, as well as the limited time for blog writing. I find it comes and goes. My husband built up a 650B conversion with downtubes and ended up really liking them. I’m not quite convinced I’d like them, but they do look cool :).

      2. Looks good. Sorry I’m just catching up after a crazy summer. My first road bike had DT shifters. When I built my rando rig, it was with bar ends. Now, I love my “shimergo” setup. Catch the chorus on sale from across the pond and you have top of the line campy “brifters” running a huge range 8 spd gears in the rear – all for a couple hundred bucks. I haven’t looked back.

      3. Thanks, I too have been real busy this summer. Yeah my rear cassette is insane, 10 speed with big being a 34T. My front crank is a double but little ring is a 30T so as you can imagine I can spin some weight up the steepest hills if it should ever come to that. I just use the front big ring 46T since rear has the range it does. As I gain experience in the saddle on long ride I’d sure I’ll make many adjustments. Fall is an active season where I tend to long the most miles.

  1. Rickorich pal,
    Really like the choice of silver bits, they go well with the blue. Got two quick questions if you don’t mind…1) what kind of brakes you have on it? 2) what kind of water bottles are those, more importantly, where can I buy em’??!
    Thank you for your time, enjoy the ride.
    Wei San

    1. Weisan,

      Thank you, The bottles are Polished Kleen Kanteen with Bamboo cap. I have a close up picture in my blog under bike category. You may have to scroll though to find it. You can buy these online at Velo Orange, Campmor or REI.

      The Brakes I decided to go with Shimano CX70 Canti. I think they look clean and clear the racks etc. I almost went with the polished Paul Components Touring Canti . I considered polishing my CX70 but haven’t yet. Love the Shimano brakes and they are1/2 years he price of the Paul’s.

      1. Thanks for responding. I am mulling over whether to get Paul Motolite brakes in order to have the flexibility of fittng different wheel sizes. Are you running 650b? I converts an old bianchi road bike to 650b and really like it, thought about doing the same for my trucker deluxe. Here’s a picture of my frame taken yesterday, I just got it recently.

        I got most the parts ready to go, because I am transferring them over from an existing bike on the most part. My main considerations at this point are
        1) types of handlebar- I am intrigued by a couple that I am looking at Velo Orange.
        Namely, montmartre, porteur, and trekking.

        2) wheel size – stick with 26″ or convert to 650b. The reason I enquired about your brakes is I because I wonder if they will accommodate 650b. The paul brakes are nice but they are expensive.

        Appreciate your inputs.
        Wei San

  2. Wei San, I’m excited for you building up your ride : ) I do love this deluxe frame so congrats on that. You’re a lot like me when I set out to build up mine. I too considered 650b but in the end being a travel bike wanted to stick with that theme. If using fenders fill out the wheel wells nicely I also wanted to go with a 2.0 wide tire . Also wanted a bomb proof build, I do go cheap on the BB and probably upgrade to a Phil Wood. Anyway I do want to believe that the Shimano CX Canti lineup 50’s or 70’s in highest setting would work with 650b rims but can’t confirm. Looks like I can move them up 3/4 inch yet which looks promising. The CX50 are less expensive over the 70’s and not sure what advantages you get. I chose the CX70 mostly for the color. I still may polish them but they look good as is so in no rush. As for leavers just be sure to consider short pull vs long pulls but the brakes you decide to go with will dictate this. I’d go with Paul canti levers short pull and canti brakes. Not a fan of V brakes on heavy touring style bikes but that’s just my preference. As for handlebars all of those you mentioned are certainly candidates and just comes down to your style of riding position, comfort etc. I chose the he bars a did so I’d have multiple hand placement choices on long rides. I’ve been eyeballing the new Surly travelers check coming out but really the LHT is the one bike that does it all and will last forever. Keep me posted with your build or if your on here I follow you as well?

  3. rick pal, it was wet and cold here over the last few days which gave me the opportunity to finish up on my build. I transferred most of the parts over from my old commuter. My goal is not to agonize too much over the build but to get it on the road as quickly as possible and start enjoying the ride. That, I think, was accomplished. As soon as the weather improves over the next few days, I hope to take it out soon.

  4. Wei San, congrats on the build completion. Got yourself a great ride there. What size frame is that? That’s the last frame you’ll ever need and can tweak for eternity to do anything as the need arise. Safe travels my friend, do share your adventures.

    1. Thank you pal, I agreed with everything you said. The only problem is…knowing myself, I probably won’t stop acquiring n+1…it’s a sickness really. 🙂
      It’s a 56 cm frame. I will definitely come back and update you with any road trips or places I have taken it. After all, this is one of the first places I visited to get ideas from. I have not done any loaded touring before so it will be the first. I found this clip helpful in terms of pannier packing.

      1. Wei San, Yeah the way I see it is it’s a healthy sickness to have. A canvas to be creative and stay fit and explore the world around us. What other hobby is there that offers all of these and pairs with just about everything : ) This winter has been bit rough here in Maryland but come spring have many cycling & kayaking touring adventures that I’ll be sharing. For cycling adventures look up Gravel and Grind on the web and social media and follow them, they are all about bikes and camping the folks that run it are super creative. I’m lucky to have them as friends and to be involved and are inspirational bunch to say that he least.

    1. Both my racks are Nitto (made in Japan) really nice stuff. You can purchase from many places but recommend Gravel&Grind or Rivendell but there many other places you can purchase them. The hey are expensive but with it.

  5. Hi there, lovely looking bike! I recently bought the same Nitto front rack for my Surly and realised that I can only mount it with p-clips, just noticed you have some metal struts on the fork, can I ask where you bought the struts? Thanks

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