18.6′ Expedition Kayak on Jeep Rubicon

With roof rack completed, today seemed like a good day to test load / mount / secure the kayak for transport. I staged the loading so I could eyeball and adjust for proper fitment as needed. First few pics are Stages 1&2 preload. I used a bathroom rug with non-slip bottom to protect hull during loading.


Rear goal post trailer hitch lowers which is designed for opening pickup truck tailgates I use it for preloading the kayak. Rear goal post also have hull rollers for assisted placement. Stage 1 preload pic below.


Stage 2 preload


Rest of the pics are adjusting / tweaking saddles and footings and best way to secure with straps etc. Decided to test fit the 12′ outrigger as well. Not 100% dialed yet in but very close. I’ll test load a few times so I’m good at it and faster.





I still have rear led flood lights to mount for night / early morning rigging. More pics to follow shortly.

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