Month: December 2014

Years End ..New beginnings!

First off, cheers to all fellow cyclists, kayakers, coffee and Scotch lovers : ) I always think I have lots to share but as for others who are interested its always a guess? I can only post what I can appreciate and hope others do as well.

Big plans for me in 2015 for both cycling and kayaking so stay tuned! Fads and trends come and go and don’t always follow hype but am intrigued by a few, some more affordable than others. First mention…. being a coffee lover is Bullet Proof Coffee. I received the below bundle for Christmas. The Nutiva Coconut Manna is a personal touch as I’m a huge coconut fanatic and been known to put this in my coffee past several years as well as on my sockeye salmon fillet. I avoid using coffee-mate coconut creamer fake crap although it’s very tasty lips don’t agree with artificial coconut. I don’t use the Nutiva manna and the Brain Octane (coconut oil MTC blah blah) together as it’s either one or the other depending on mood. I can honestly say it’s in deed most satisfying experience. Recipe is simple but Google it for granularity if need be and adjust to preference plus or minus portions etc..


1 8oz cup of Bullet Proof Coffee. I recommend using an AeroPress from Arobie. Otherwise pour over method works too. Other Arabica bean will work or use a Peruvian coffee (shade grown) coffee. I prefer Maryland roaster ChocoSombra 416 degree. A light roast and so very delicious with tons of character. 12oz bag can be purchased from Frederick, MD Gravel & Grind for $13. Gravel & Grind (Steel and Wool) Adventure Cycling & Hobo camping culture has the 416 roasted exclusively for them. Try it you will thank me I promise.

As for the Hobo mention, no disrespect to the homeless whatsoever but rather depicting minimalist supertramp have coffee will travel adventure cycling with camping. Check out Gravel & Grind online. They are new and building up the brand. They will also have a brick and mortar shop downtown Frederick MD which opens in early Spring 2015. We also will be hosting rides and portion will support local soup kitchens to feed the homeless. Moving on to the recipe.

1 scoop AeroPress coffee slightly packed.
1 tbs Kerry Gold Unsalted Grass Fed Butter
1 tsp of Upgraded Brian Octane or Coconut Oil. If coconut lover like me use Nutiva Manna as it has the oil on top and the pureed coconut meat (super good if fan otherwise skip and use tasteless organic cold press coconut oil of choice. Combine ingredients and blend for 30 seconds and serve.


In closing… Is the above a fad or hype? I don’t know but it’s tastes really good IMO and has cognitive benefits or so they claim? To me its just a vessel in delivering fats. Can’t argue it does make for a good vessel : ) Some fads stick around and evolve others die off. Below are some 2014 fads so time will tell?

Gravel Grinder specific bikes
Bullet Proof Coffee w/butter and coconut oil
Fat Tire Bike Boom
27.5 MTB Wheels / Geometry
29er+ MTB continues
Boom in Small craft Bourbon / Rye Whiskeys (ugh = overpriced)
Ketosis Diet (high fat zero or minimal carb ) It works but = zero energy riding bikes : (
No Age Statement Scotch Releases…. booo. And independent USA Whiskey bottlers (not distillers….booo).

There are a few more but will post on that and the above separately in 2015.


My New Custom Waterford R-33

Being a cycling enthusiast all my life decided to finally pull the trigger on my first custom bike. I struggled with this a bit due to cost and lead times. Not that I was in a hurry but just impatient. Then there is me being indecisive with which choices to go with. Club racer or Adventure? Then there is geometry to consider then custom colors and design. Surprisingly I only had to wait 2.5 months, below is the end result.


I went the R-33 model club racer route. Built using TrueTemper S3 steel no lugs all TIG welded. Geometry was modeled after my 2012 Cervelo S5 56cm. Color is PPG Ivory base with road house blue maskings and light perl clearcoat. Bike has ENVE 2.0 carbon fork painted to match with asymmetric fork masking that I designed called Peaks & Vally’s. Not only to resemble climbs and descents but the ups and downs life throws at us. Bike weight is exactly 16lbs. Components are Sram Red22 Groupo, Zipp beyond black bars, stem and seat post. Chris King Navy Hubs, Headset and BB. Fizik Saddle, Nokon cable housings. Stans Alpha 340 Rims, Conti Grand Prix 4 Season tires 25c. More pics below.










Espresso / Cappuccino Porcelain Cups

Being bicycle themed and for purpose of espresso & coffee couldn’t pass these beauties up. 100% Made in Italy by d’ANCAP. They’ve been on back order for quite some time in this 6oz. size and arrived back in stock just in time for the holidays. Nothing says holidays like giving and spending time with family and friends consuming whisky & coffee and riding bikes.