Month: May 2015

Niner Sir9 MTB Converted To S24O 

So my Niner Sir9 was a single speed its entire life until Feb. this year.  I decided to convert the 2006 Steel SS to a 1×10 setup.  I also decided to get rid of the OEM Kermit green color and re-powder coat with a lightly textured midnight blue.  Looks great in person. 

Bike being MTB specific didn’t have many options for racks so I swapped out the OEM Niner fork for a Salsa Firestarter fork that is loaded with potential mount points.   Figured on this bike being a sub24 hour overnighter or at most a weekender.  As for becoming a S24O all I really needed was a front rack ,frame bag and saddle bikpacking bag. Top tube / stem bag is just a perk for snacking on the move.  I have front panniers that I can mount up if needed.

Niner conversion ended up being fantastic in both form and function.  This makes for a great adventure overnighter / whatevering ride. Of course the bags you see can be mounted up on my Salsa Warbird as well but not the rack without swapping out the Enve forks.  Front rack is a Blackburn Outpost which fits really nice and looks badass.  Rack cost me $99.  So not to bad price wise and is both solid and lightweight. 

Transformed S24O Sir Niner is geared with 11-36 cassette and has a 32T front Wolftooth ring for no drop shifting via Paul Thumbies and 10sp barend shifters. So far all is well and a rather simple, cool, and fun refresh of a MTB that served very well since 2006.