18.6′ Expedition Kayak on Jeep Rubicon

With roof rack completed, today seemed like a good day to test load / mount / secure the kayak for transport. I staged the loading so I could eyeball and adjust for proper fitment as needed. First few pics are Stages 1&2 preload. I used a bathroom rug with non-slip bottom to protect hull during loading.


Rear goal post trailer hitch lowers which is designed for opening pickup truck tailgates I use it for preloading the kayak. Rear goal post also have hull rollers for assisted placement. Stage 1 preload pic below.


Stage 2 preload


Rest of the pics are adjusting / tweaking saddles and footings and best way to secure with straps etc. Decided to test fit the 12′ outrigger as well. Not 100% dialed yet in but very close. I’ll test load a few times so I’m good at it and faster.





I still have rear led flood lights to mount for night / early morning rigging. More pics to follow shortly.

Jeep Roof Rack / Kayak / Bike Rack Progress

Ok fellow adventure enthusiast, I finally completed my adventure jeep rack! Portions of this is custom built or altered but used off shelf products where I could. If you been following then you know I have a 19′ touring / sailing kayak with 12′ outrigger that needs to be transported with ability to load and unload safely solo . Being a jeep is challenging in the sense that it’s wheel base is short but also need clearance to remove freedom top or entire top for soft top season. With jeep having a 3″ lift comes with it’s own challenges. Knowing those challenges knew I needed to fabricate several components for all of this to work together. Oversized spare tire caused some challenges as well so I set out to cater to both kayaking and biking whether it be MTB or road biking with option to remove either bike or kayak modules as needed. Also wanted a well fit snug cradling of both Kayak and bike while keeping security in mind. Also needed the ability to lower the rear field goal receiver post extension to assist with loading and unloading the 19′ kayak solo. Kayak only weighs 54Lbs. so not too heavy but big and cumbersome so any assist is welcomed.

After this weekend now I can safely and securely load and transport both my bike and Kayak rig. Video of loading to be posted shortly.


First photo is of the adventure transport system. Keep in mind this system is the Roof Rack, kayak mounts / bike mount. Still need a box for up top that is 10′ for outrigger polls paddles, leader boards and dual air foil sales etc.


Some more photos, some of me test fitting my Single Speed MTB bike. Kayak test fits to follow shortly.




More pics to follow shortly, work in progress so stay tuned : )

Klean Kanteen Reflect Bottle


Aka …Hydro bling : ) Polished stainless, holds 27oz / 800ml top cap is bamboo which is a nice touch. I purchased two of these along with polished stainless bottle cages which complements my other polished LHT components. Ooh now I can bring my Scotch camping…. WOOT! Bike is just about complete and planing for its first outing this Saturday. Final touch are my Nitto tour racks I have on order.