Too Big Too Small….Ahhh Just What I Needed.

Talking about frame bags for this post. Just picked up this 1/2 height frame bag that came recommended by the great folks at Gravel & Grind. Bag is manufactured by OveJA NeGRA Threadworks to be used with my Salsa Warbird.


My Warbird being a 56cm the large size frame bag fits perfect. This size bag retails for $80 and so very worth it. I dislike under saddle bags not to mention a pain to access and forget it if coasting in motion. I like the 1/2 height opposed to the full frame bag as it allows me to use both my super awesome tall Camelbak water bottles while still allowing me to carry a shit ton of other stuff. Of course I had to see if it would hold a 750ml bottle of adventure nectar. In this picture the bag is cradling Caol Ila 12yo single malt Islay Whisky. As you can see there is still room to spare. Ideally this scenario is likely a trip home from the store type purpose as I doubt I would adventure ride with this but it’s good to know I have options : ) for evening indulgence camping I actually carry and use a 5oz stainless Stanley Flask. They make a 8oz. but the 5oz. is more suitable considering the contents. Carry two 5oz. if you have multi day trip and make the other Pyrat XO Rum or a Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon. Cheers!


Anyway the frame bag is truly a great product with function and doesn’t require you give something up in return. You can still use saddle / top tube and handle bar bags for carrying additional loot. I’m quite pleased with this purchase. Oh and I picked up the Large top tube bag too for another bike.

Laphroaig 2013 Cairdeas Release


Cairdeas is the Port Wood Edition @ 51% ABV. (102.6 Proof) My cost was$80. This is a special release with no age statement and apparently difficult to find. Today I picked up two bottles leaving roughly 4-5 more remaining on shelf. I was tempted to just buy them all but bank account and wife disagreed : ( Perhaps one more bottle next pay if they are still there?

Islay single malts are among my favorite and so are port finishes so the two combined was a no brainer. So excited to have found it, couldn’t wait to taste it and unwind to an evening dram with feet up listening to my favorite music and some light reading.

No surprised that this product lived up to my expectations. Being Laphroaig expected more peat / smoke but to my surprise rather subtle compared to other Laphroaigs Arbeg and Kilchoman which are also from Islay. Complexity of this edition is definitely there. Glad I was able to get the two that I did while supplies last.

Kilchoman Islay Scotch Whisky


MACHIR BAY range no age statement is matured in a combination of both bourbon and sherry casks. I believe this to be a young whisky perhaps 7yo but not sure? Priced in the $50’s is totally worth it. No color added not chill filtered and bottled at 46% abv. Very distinctive nose and taste with peat and smoke yet very unique signature of its own. I rank this very high and will be among the few that maintains a place on my shelf. Empty replace … Repeat : )

Farewell Johnnie Walker Green Label


Diageo’s JW Green Label product has been discontinued for a while now. You can still find it while supplies last but unfortunately price jumped as a result from $55 to $76 where I live. I refuse to pay the new inflated price but when a found a bottle for $60 and being the last bottle they had figured what the hell so I bought it. I’ll probably just tuck this bottle away unopened for a few years we’ll see.

Green label is a single malt blend that contains Talisker, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, and Linkwood with each being at least 15 years old. This is my second bottle and it really is quite excellent. Last time I had it was Xmas 2012 as a gift.

People tend to snub JW but the black label and double black are actually pretty good for low $30’s. I dislike that JW is doing away with age statement and have some bitter opinions that I ‘ll rant on in a future post. Cheers!

Klean Kanteen Reflect Bottle


Aka …Hydro bling : ) Polished stainless, holds 27oz / 800ml top cap is bamboo which is a nice touch. I purchased two of these along with polished stainless bottle cages which complements my other polished LHT components. Ooh now I can bring my Scotch camping…. WOOT! Bike is just about complete and planing for its first outing this Saturday. Final touch are my Nitto tour racks I have on order.

Dalmore Single Malt Highland Scotch


Picked up Dalmore 12 Year on sale for $38. Aged 9 years in white oak ex- bourbon cask before being divided for other half to age in 30yo oloroso sherry casks to finish out the 12 years.
Great buy at the sale price and enjoy it quite a bit as a result. Not sure I’d pay the suggested $49. Great color, good nose and good taste. I’ve only consumed two drams so far. I would buy again at price point of $38.

Tres Generaciones Reposado


Not a Scotch but an awesome Tequila worth a mention. I should have a Whiskey, Whisky and Spirit category. I thought this picture turned out rather cool and wanted to share. I drink this neat and sip on 2oz in a small 4oz snifter.

This brand of tequila is top notch and has reasonable price costing $35-39. Brand wise this my favorite, I do like Jose Cuervo’s Reserva de la Familia line as well that I mentioned on my blog but not any of the other products they offer. Word on the street is to give Sparkle Donkey a try which I believe has a price point of only $22 depending on where you live. It’s not offered where I live : ( I’ve never had it but I respect those that have and a great value vs quality / taste.

I don’t go much into nosing or taste notes as this is unique from person to person so I don’t really bother. Instead I look at overall taste and quality vs price point and only really post stuff that I’d drink neat or maybe a single cube.

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon


Not a Scotch but I do stray from time to time. When it comes to Bourbon category this is my favorite. Price is $37 where I live and at that price can’t really do much better. Yeah lots if choices out there but once you start digging into the products nosing / tasting etc. things become more clear. This is bottled from single barrel at 50% ALC/VOL (100 proof ) and most excellent. Drink neat or with 1″or 2″ sq ice cube. This particular product should not be mixed as a cocktail IMO but by all means do what works for you.

Talisker Storm Scotch Whisky


Single Malt Scotch from Isle Of Skye Scotland. In short it’s a really good single malt w/ smoke peat notes @ 45% alcohol / 90 Proof. I cut my dram with 3-4 teaspoons chilled filtered water. Price point being mid $60 for half the price can get Johnnie Walker Double Black for around $35. Talisker is tad better in deed but for twice the cost just stick with the JW Double Black.